Overseas Program Selection

Trans World Academics is an organization that is committed to helping you in your pursuit to seek an overseas higher education program that best suits your career needs keeping in mind your budgetary limitations. We are sensitive to the critical nature of the qualitative inputs being provided to the knowledge seekers and its impact on the career and keeping this in mind, help them select programs which are best suited for their future needs. We are fully in tune with the needs of any Indian students and believe that we are well equipped to meet up to the aspiration of the modern day knowledge seeker.


Trans World realizes that the main limitation for most Indian students happen to be in the area of financial capability of their families to sponsor their education. To overcome this, we mainly tend to focus on good quality programs which are affordable to any Indian students and which offers enough scope for scholarship. In some cases like for higher education in Italy we focus on program that has the potential to offer 100% scholarship thus making any program well within the reach of any deserving Indian student.

Visa Documentation and Processing

A vital part of any overseas higher education process is the activity of Visa Documentation. If improperly done it can lead to not only delays, loss of scholarship opportunity or missing the batch but in many cases it also lead to outright rejection of visa by the embassy. Our team at Trans World Academics are fairly well equipped to meet up to the rigorous demand of Visa processing and documentation for the countries being handled.